September 2021


A Few Tips to Choose the Best Forklift Battery

The kind of industrial battery that you choose will have an important effect on your company’s overall effectiveness especially when you’re a business owner or manager who is dependent on electricity forks to operate their business. All across the long term, much money and time may be saved by selecting a sort of electric forklift battery that suits company requirements. Here are a few tips that help to choose the best Forklift battery for your business:

Forklift Battery Types

The following – and most essential – consideration is choosing what size forklift battery is suitable with the vehicle(s), and what kind of electric forklift battery technology should be used like lithium and lead-acid forklift batteries. In general, commercial forklifts are powered by one of the two primary battery types:

The great majority of commercial electric forklifts utilize lead acid or lithium-ion technology, especially where propane, diesel, or gas power are used. The technology underlying each of these industrial batteries varies significantly and hence has a distinct effect on the efficiency of the forklift.


Lead-acid batteries are known as the old-school standard for power forklift batteries. It is a large, fluid unit, with a detachable top that generates energy through a chemical platform and sulfuric acid reaction. It is a technique from 1859 that continually refills the units with water (which is also necessary for the electricity-generating chemical processes happening within).


Lithium-ion batteries are a newer technique, utilized in a commercial product for the first time in the early 1990s. There are numerous distinct chemistries in lithium-ion batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) is one of the most common chemicals in the material handling sector.

Forklift Battery’s Lifespan

The type of battery you choose will decide how often you need to replace the battery in forklifts.  Batteries have a varied lifespan, either it is lead-acid or lithium-ion:

  • Lead-acid: cycles of 1000 and 1500
  • Lithium-ion: 2.000 to 3.000 cycles

These are averages and might differ depending on the maintenance of the batteries.

There is less need for the replacement of a lithium-ion forklift battery, which is the primary motivation for company owners who prefer it to conventional lead-acid batteries, which have more often to be replaced with new ones.

Pricing of forklift batteries

A lead-acid battery is a better investment than a lithium-ion forklift battery if they are used on the surface. If you were only looking at the initial battery purchase cost, that would be accurate.

However, the total cost of ownership between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries may differ when it is estimated by prudent managers and supervisors. So consult them before buying.

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Auto Parts

The Importance Of Using OEM Car Parts

In the auto car parts world, OEM implies “Initial Devices Manufacturer.” Car dealership service departments make use of these sorts of components. They additionally distribute OEM or manufacturer-approved substitute components to separate repair stores and individual customers. If your automobile requires a replacement component, an OEM part is the most effective and lowest-risk alternative. These are the parts utilized when your automobile was originally constructed, and they are what the dealer uses when it develops a guaranteed repair.

OEM parts additionally function a very long time. If your initial brakes work 90,000 kilometres, and you want the substitutes to last the very same range, think about utilizing OEM components. If the effort cost of a repair is very high, you’ll desire a component that will last the longest feasible time. This produces OEM parts an excellent option. Regrettably, OEM parts can be excessively pricey contrasted to other choices.

Why are OEM parts important?

Original auto components meet the specifications of your automobile and protect the value of your vehicle. For collision repairs, OEM components are ensured to fit effectively and have undergone the appropriate accident safety and security tests.

Independent automobile stores may not make use of original parts, which endangers the worth of your automobile. Initial components also keep your vehicle’s service warranty intact and give you the self-confidence that each component of your vehicle matches the requirement.

It’s always a good idea to utilize OEM substitute components instead of aftermarket ones due to the higher quality offered.


Another huge benefit of going for OEM components can be seen throughout any type of repair. Automobiles come with a guaranteed duration (usually 3 years) that ensures the proprietor comfort and indemnity from expenses incurred because of a malfunction or flaw of a car part. Lots of firms plainly state that use of aftermarket components will void the advantages that can be delighted in under service warranty, and this factor alone, suffices to mount OEM parts to your vehicle.

OEM makers also market devices with brand-new automobile dealers. These products are made and manufactured to satisfy extremely high requirements in top quality and fit. When you purchase an OEM accessory, it is specific for the specific year and version that you possess. Lots of aftermarket accessories are generic and the same part is offered to fit various year arrays.

Ask our experts

If vehicle owners are searching for answers regarding OEM components, the parts team at car dealerships has the training and knowledge to help you find the appropriate component the first time. They can lead you with brand-specific guidance that can make repairs much less complicated, and they can suggest you of added components that may be required for sure fixings.

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