Quality Components for Your Audi 

Shop Audi alternators, Car AC, and other related electrical equipment and accessories here. Advanced Auto Parts carries top-ranked alternators, AC/DC Monitors, DVD Fans, and other autos electrical equipment, which are assured to give your Audi the ultimate cooling and air conditioning needs. Whatever model of your beloved car you might be searching for, we can help you find the best-suited one according to your requirements. Whether it is an automatic or a power-driven car having multiple functions, we have all types of Alternators for you.

From quiet cooling systems to strong cooling capacities, they have everything any car owner is looking for. Audi Car tuning is a unique art indulged in by a few individuals around the world. The tuning of any car engine involves modification of its internal components as well as the cooling system to improve its performance. This involves a great deal of knowledge on specific car models and their electrical systems.

The Role of Alternator

The main role is to switch the power from the engine to the car battery to get optimal performance. Besides, it also cools down the engine so that it runs smoothly. Generally, all cars come with a single-engine, but if there is more than one engine inside a car, then it is essential to buy a separate alternator for each engine. There are many benefits of buying an Audi alternator.

Aftermarket and OEM Alternators 

For anyone planning to buy a new car, it is a wise idea to go in for an aftermarket Audi alternator. However, for those opting for a replacement for their existing car, it would be better to go for an OEM alternator. These alternators come with the same features and benefits as the aftermarket alternators. The person should ensure that he gets the correct specification for the model of his car before making the final decision. All car models and brands have their specifications concerning the cooling system, engine, and other components.

The Two Types of Car Conditioners

With a good quality alternator, they will be able to enjoy their car’s optimal performance every time they drive them. There are two main types of aftermarket car conditioners available in the market: the DIY conditioner and the OEM conditioner. While the OEM alternator is considered more efficient and offers higher voltage, a DIY conditioner can be used for your car if you are not too familiar with it.


There is a wide range of Audi alternators available in the market. Before buying any alternator for the car, it is imperative to ensure that you buy from a renowned company. Apart from that, it should be of the best quality so that it lasts for a long time and enhances the car’s performance. Apart from the brand and the conditioner, it is also important to consider the size, as small-sized A/S conditioners might not work effectively when cooling your car. For this reason, car owners should always ensure that they get a conditioner that suits the size of their car.